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There’s hidden treasure just waiting for your cause… if only you knew where to look! Nonprofit Treasure Map shows you the way to your cause’s hidden clues that lead to increased donations. Once you’ve drawn your Treasure Map, your cause will be able to follow the path to prosperity. Now you’ve got your secret decoder ring to quickly tell whether a new clue will lead your cause to fundraising fortune or failure!

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With a Nonprofit Treasure Map you will:

  • Build the most effective fundraising system to find new money quickly, even with your non profit board of directors.
  • Know where to invest your time and resources for the biggest return.
  • Learn how to find new sources of contributions over the short and long terms.

What You Get

  • 3 Volume video presentation set featuring Mosaic Non-Profit Development principal and fundraising expert Heidi Hancock, CFRE. Session 1 – Where to Begin? Find the Right Path. Session 2 – X Marks the Spot! Fundraising Goals & Plans. Session 3 – Digging for Diamonds: Donors and Prospects.
  • 12 Page Ask Masters Nonprofit Treasure Map Guidebook filled with 9 exercises and 7 easy to follow forms to help you get the best fundraising results.

Thanks for great strategy session, we have indeed found our feet and go forward with renewed vigour and hope. Yes, people have noticed that I have a spring in my step, thanks to the great work you do for us and all the non-profits in the world. Paul Talliard, Hands of Honour

I want to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your time you invested in us.  This was one of those defining moments of my life to learn from your wisdom and hard earned experience.  Thank you for ‘ turning on the light ‘ for me personally in many areas. Conrad de Vries, WordWise Digital

Nonprofit Treasure Map Series Session list

Session 1 – Where to Begin? Find the Right Path

In this session you will set goals and determine how to make your fundraising easy. You will discover the life-cycle of a donor and what that life cycle looks like in your organization. In this session you will

  •  Determine personal reasons for supporting cause
  •  Describe the two fundraising models
  •  Identify donor life-cycle fundraising activities
  •  Evaluate current prospect base
  •  Establish methods to re-engage donors

Session 2 – X Marks the Spot! Fundraising Goals & Plans

What does an integrated development plan look like? How can your development plan be adaptable during a fiscal cycle? What are the donor pipelines you use and which ones do you need? In this session you will

  •  Evaluate your sources for philanthropic revenue
  •  Identify areas of opportunity for increasing fundraising results
  •  Select methods for securing contributions
  •  Set fundraising receipts goals using specific methods by philanthropic source
  •  Set fundraising goals by prospect with step-by-step methods

Session 3 – Digging for Diamonds: Donors and Prospects

Where are all the donors? You’ve got donors, but you need more. You need more contributions. You need new donors. You need a different kind of donor. In this session you will

  •  Identify the four ‘donor crops’ you harvest
  •  Select the donor pipelines that give the best return on investment
  •  Choose the fundraising activities that give the best return on investment
  •  Grow your prospect list and fill your contributions funnel
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