Nonprofit Fundraising in the Branded Age


Get ready to:

  • Use your brand to evoke rabid loyalty from your donors
  • Compound the size of your fundraising team through brand adoption
  • Compound your donations by executing your brand strategy

Your cause will sizzle as you make the most of your brand and ignite the passion in your donors to support your organization. You’ll inspire others to join in and have a great time doing it!

The session includes a question and answer session that covers a wide range of topics. People who have attended have given it the highest marks for content, delivery, and usefulness. Don’t miss out on learning how you can grow the value of your brand and turn it into donations!

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Discover three key elements that unlock your nonprofit brand’s potential!

Nonprofit Fundraising in the Branded Age includes three secrets that will rocket your fundraising results! Join along with us to reignite the passion within your cause. With Fundraising in the Branded Age, you’ll inspire others to join in and have a great time doing it!

If you have ever wondered where brands come from or whether they are important to nonprofits, you need to attend.

We answer questions like:

  • How is brand different from identity?
  • Why is my brand important for fundraising?
  • How should I strategically manage my brand?

We explain branding in terms that are easy to understand. You will have a broader and deeper knowledge of your organization’s brand and know what to do with it. You will learn how much money your brand is worth and how to grow that value even more.

We make it easy so you can stop procrastinating and start fundraising now!

What I love about Mosaic is that you go from groaning and dragging your feet about fundraising and feeling lost to knowing exactly what to do and getting excited when doing it!  Jennifer Peterson

The best part is that the process is one I can take with me and apply at any organization no matter what type of mission. I am energized, have more confidence and I feel like I have a game plan now. Since I am an implementer, I love having my plan to implement! Denise Nuehring

Super inspiring and insightful – some serious pointers and keys to unlock doors in such simple ways. – Yehuda Raff


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