Fundraising With Social Media Series

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You get 6 courses plus three BONUS items in this ‘go-to’ resource! Now you can increase donations and improve fundraising efforts… online!

Different social media platforms need different approaches. Social media is constantly changing. New configurations, new abilities, even new platforms keep popping up. Adapting your messages to the different media takes special attention. We show you how!

This collection of courses gives you all the down & dirty about what you can do with each platform or tool. Now you can see significant results when fundraising with social media.

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With the Fundraising with Social Media Series, you will get social media tips and techniques so you can:

  • Break through geographic barriers to develop donors all over the world
  • Keep your cause “top of mind” with donors and prospects
  • Raise more money across ALL your online activities
  • Be 100% confident every time you post about your favorite cause that you will inspire others to support it

When you enroll in the Fundraising with Social Media Series, you’ll get

  • Six information-packed videos
  • A comprehensive 34-page 10 Step Guide to Developing a Social Media Plan
  • A personal one-on-one Social Media Assessment to target the specific areas that will advance your cause’s fundraising efforts
  • BONUS Fundraising with Social Media – Online Storytelling: a full length 43 minute video
  • Package Discount! Save $50 off the combined purchase price of $299 (if purchased separately)


Fundraising with Social Media Session list

BONUS VIDEO!!  Fundraising with Social Media – Online Storytelling – Run Time: 43m

Online Storytelling is the foundation of the Fundraising with Social Media series. It covers the everything you need to tell your organization’s story well in any media. It comes packed with examples of stories told by large and small organizations. This module will help you hone your cause’s story. Now you can stand out from the crowd and increase your fundraising results across all your social sites.

In this session, you will:

  • Translate your cause’s case statement into an online-ready story structure – for any platform
  • Discover the most memorable way to tell your story
  • Drive fundraising results with appropriate asks for every story

Facebook Foundation – Run Time: 31m

Facebook is the largest social media platform on earth. With over 800 million users, it is a must for building your constituent base. This course covers the features and benefits of using the wide range of tools available on Facebook. We discuss the pros and cons of using paid promotions vs. organic promotion. Plus it’s packed with examples; successful fundraising, friendraising, volunteer building, and earned income generation.

With this session, you will:

  • Get the inside scoop on the myths and legends versus reality about Facebook and how it affects your fundraising results
  • Grow your supporter list – beyond “likes” into action-oriented advocates
  • Learn strategies for using Facebook to go with your fundraising communications

The Power of Pinterest – Run Time 1h5m

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. It is a place for finding and sharing pictures, graphics, and more. This course shows how to make and manage your nonprofit Pinterest profile. We’ll help you to tell your story to generate donations and increase earned income. You’ll learn to promote events, celebrate donors, and build your following. We look at nonprofits from the biggest to smallest and identify best practices.

With this session, you will:

  • Increase your fundraising results… using pictures!
  • Drive traffic to your event, donations, and sales pages using images
  • Learn cool ways to combine your Pinterest page with your organization’s page for great results


Your Twitter Community – Run Time: 38m

Twitter has the fastest stream of communication of any of the social channels. It’s often compared to trying to drink from a fire hose. This course breaks through the noise! We show you how to build meaningful relationships with people and build your constituent base. It covers how to use Twitter to have meaningful conversations. We show you how to promote your mission. You will be able to build a following that exponentially expands your nonprofit’s reach.

With this session, you will:

  • Grow your community of supporters using the fastest tool available
  • Use Twitter to develop real relationships with advocates and supporters… that you can depend on!
  • Enhance your existing online fundraising efforts with specific strategic Twitter techniques

Mobile Marketing Unmasked – Run Time: 43m

Mobile communication is changing how people interact with one another and with the Internet. Understanding what’s possible is critical to your organization’s growth and prosperity. This course covers all kinds of mobile fundraising methods. We cover: text-to-give, native apps, cloud based apps, mobile websites, and more. We go beyond the hype! You get the real ammunition you need for your mobile fundraising activities.

With this session, you will:

  • Select the right kind of mobile apps that deliver real fundraising results for your cause
  • Create a community that demands to support your cause
  • Connect with your supporters… no matter where they are and make it easy to give

LinkedIn for Development – Run Time: 40m

LinkedIn is one of the least used social platforms for fundraising. It offers big opportunities! As the platform for professionals, it is a place to showcase your staff and accomplishments. This module covers recruiting staff, board members, volunteers, and donors. It shows how to use LinkedIn as a powerful research tool. Plus, it shows how fundraisers can use it to get the introductions that you need for major-gifts fundraising.

With this session, you will:

  • Find out how to gain access to high net worth donors using LinkedIn
  • Know how to position your fundraising efforts on LinkedIn for success
  • Discover powerful techniques using LinkedIn to nurture donors

Crowdfunding Mastery – Run Time: 1h16m

Study after study shows that online fundraising is on the rise. Online fundraising brings all kinds of potential benefits to your cause. Not to mention you can be up and raising money in 10 minutes or less! Crowdfunding Mastery gives you “behind the screen” strategies to be successful fundraising online fast! We go in-depth on choosing the right platform. You will learn insider tips on building successful crowdfunding campaigns from the ground up. You will be running your online campaigns to reach – and exceed your fundraising goals in no time. With Crowdfunding Mastery you will revolutionize your nonprofit’s online fundraising results.

With this session, you will:

  • Position your campaign for big fundraising results – from the start
  • Shape your campaign to inspire wild sharing and support
  • Integrate your campaigns with all your fundraising activities – both on and off line!

Great examples of how non-profits are using social media with thought provoking quotes that can lead to a paradigm shift. Chris Davis

I learned about what types of posts to create to generate interest and community. I also learned some great tips from a very knowledgeable team of people willing to help.  Lernik Baghoomian

This really made me start thinking of a lot of new ways to frame organizational content with Pinterest and other social media.  Rachel Peterson

Good tips and ways to get started adding meaningful, relevant content to our social media. Great ways to think about employing strategies to generate visual content for our decidedly non-visual organization.  David Barton


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