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This six-installment series is the ‘go-to’ resource to increase donations and improve fundraising efforts. Finding Funding provides the tools to uncover hidden opportunities to increase contributions. Help board members, volunteers, and staff become high performing fundraisers with easy-to-follow-guides. Set the organization-wide and personal fundraising goals that will increase your cause’s contributions. Then follow the step-by-step methods that raise more money. Finding Funding is perfect for board members, young organizations, and small shops. From adding a new development effort to preparing for a campaign, Finding Funding has everything you need for success.

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In Finding Funding you will

  • Build the most effective fundraising system to find new money fast for your cause.
  • Know where to invest your time and resources for the biggest return.
  • End all the trial and error and lost time of figuring out what works in fundraising.
  • Have what it takes to be 100% confident every time you talk about your favorite cause that you will inspire others to support it.

When you enroll in Finding Funding you will get

  • Six information-packed videos
  • A 28 page Ask Masters Finding Funding Series Guidebook
  • 16 fundraising exercises to help you get the best fundraising results
  • 20 easy to follow forms to help you identify, organize and coordinate your fundraising activities
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Four months free membership in the Master’s Circle

Finding Funding  Session list

Session 1 – Put the FUN Back in Fundraising!
Run Time: 47m

In Put the Fun Back in Fundraising you will set goals and determine how to make your fundraising easy. You will discover the life-cycle of a donor and what that life cycle looks like in your organization.
In this session you will

  • Determine personal reasons for supporting cause
  • Describe the two fundraising models
  • Identify donor life-cycle fundraising activities
  • Evaluate current prospect base
  • Establish methods to re-engage donors

Session 2 – Establish Your Fundraising Plan
Run Time: 1h4m

What does an integrated development plan look like? How can your development plan be adaptable during a fiscal cycle? What are the donor pipelines you use and which ones do you need?
In this session you will

  •  Evaluate your sources for philanthropic revenue
  •  Identify areas of opportunity for increasing fundraising results
  •  Select methods for securing contributions
  •  Set fundraising receipts goals using specific methods by philanthropic source
  •  Set fundraising goals by prospect with step-by-step methods

Session 3 – Identify Donors and Prospects
Run Time: 1h3m

Where are all the donors? You’ve got donors, but you need more. You need more contributions. You need new donors. You need a different kind of donor.
In this session you will

  •  Identify the four ‘donor crops’ you harvest
  •  Select the donor pipelines that give the best return on investment
  •  Choose the fundraising activities that give the best return on investment
  •  Grow your prospect list and fill your contributions funnel

Session 4 – Tell Your Story
Run Time: 54m

Why should someone support your organization? How do you tell your ‘story’ in the best manner to connect with donors and prospects?
In this session you will

  •  Personalize your cause’s Mission Statement
  •  Learn how to use a specific ‘case statement’ structure for written materials
  •  Create your own short stories to get someone involved one-on-one with your cause
  •  Learn how to present your cause in 30 seconds or 30 minutes to one person or one thousand to generate support

Session 5 – Connect Budgets to Resources
Run Time: 48m

In this session you’ll discover fundraising opportunities that are hiding in your budgets! We’ll discuss how to present financials in a way that illustrates the opportunity to change lives.
You will

  •  Identify your cause’s tangible programs that will attract revenue
  •  Learn to present your cause’s operating budget to generate unrestricted contributions
  •  Establish naming rights and price points
  •  Discover non-cash, budget alleviating gift opportunities in your cause’s budget

Session 6 – Plan Your Fundraising Call
Run Time: 1h19m

In this session you will examine the goals, structure and roles for both a solicitation call and a cultivation call.
You will

  •  Learn how to set yourself up for a successful fundraising visit
  •  Set goals for each cultivation and stewardship visit that make your next request successful
  •  Establish the structure that keeps you in control of the meeting
  •  Set your next actions to follow-up and close that gift

I am very excited. In fact I am so excited that every step of the way, I am formulating the answers to your questions in terms of how I would say it to the Board of Trustees. And then, I miss something you’ve said, and I have to start over again. Putting fun back into fundraising is putting it mildly for me. Who would have figured? Trine Aschim – Volunteer at Fisher Museum Harvard Forest and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 

This is possibly the most exciting and innovative thing I have come across. A functional fundraising tool that actually works. I love it! Laurel Cadle – Groundworks


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