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Facebook is the largest social media platform on earth. With over 800 million users, it is a must for building your constituent base. This course covers the features and benefits of using the wide range of tools available on Facebook. We discuss the pros and cons of using paid promotions vs. organic promotion. Plus it’s packed with examples; successful fundraising, friend-raising, volunteer building, and earned income generation.

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With Facebook Foundation, you will amplify your social media communication:

  • Get the inside scoop on the myths and legends versus reality about Facebook and how it affects your fundraising results
  • Grow your supporter list – beyond “likes” into action-oriented advocates
  • Learn strategies for using Facebook to go with your fundraising communications

With Facebook Foundation, you get

  • Facebook Foundation features David Svet, Mosaic’s communications expert.  751305 Mosaic NPD
  • BONUS Online Storytelling features Heidi Hancock, CFRE, and David Svet. Run Time: 43m

BONUS VIDEO!!  Fundraising with Social Media – Online Storytelling 

Online Storytelling is the foundation of the Fundraising with Social Media series. It covers the everything you need to tell your organization’s story well in any media. It comes packed with examples of stories told by large and small organizations. This module will help you hone your cause’s story. Now you can stand out from the crowd and increase your fundraising results across all your social sites.

With this bonus session, you will:

  • Translate your cause’s case statement into an online-ready story structure – for any platform
  • Discover the most memorable way to tell your story
  • Drive fundraising results with appropriate asks for every story

It’s time to make friends… then fundraise Facebook-style! See you on the inside!

Great examples of how non-profits are using social media with thought provoking quotes that can lead to a paradigm shift. Chris Davis

I learned about what types of posts to create to generate interest and community. I also learned some great tips from a very knowledgeable team of people willing to help.  Lernik Baghoomian 


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