Nonprofits are everywhere, even in the media! HIP2B2 is a media initiative that is dedicated to developing and inspiring youth.

One of the ways HIP2B2 delivers on its mission is focusing on developing entrepreneurial, analytical thinking, and problem solving skills amongst youth. The weekly radio program Business DIY delivers inspiration for young entrepreneurs and guides them through the journey of starting and growing a new business. The show introduces the audience to many different industries and facets of the business environment and I was honored to be offered the opportunity to chat about the nonprofit world and dispel some of the myths around nonprofit fundraising.

The hosts were Conrad de Vries and Anton de Beer. Conrad has been playing, experimenting, and working with recording equipment since he was 9 years old. He’s passionate about creative media technology, education and youth mentoring, and he always had a dream to create an independent broadcast channel that would be light hearted, entertaining yet informative and based on good moral values. He found a terrific match with HIP2B2 Radio.

Anton is a visionary social entrepreneur with broad experience in all aspects of financial and executive management. As a former teacher and business banker, he’s dedicated to helping others reach their goals through start up companies, consulting with management, and working with non-profit organizations. When he is not in the studio with Business DIY, he can be found running TeleCare Solutions and acting as a trustee for the eHealth Foundation.

A collection of interviews in nonprofit fundraising for entrepreneurs

Collected here are eight interview segments. Each is about 8 minutes long. Listen to one that interests you or catch them all in order. Along with the interview segments check out the photographs here! It was a terrific time and a wonderful way to share some of my personal inspirations with up and coming entrepreneurs.

Segment One

Who’s involved in the nonprofit sector? What’s your passion? How do you find it? How can you be successful or ambitious with nonprofits?

Segment Two

Qualities of entrepreneurs and artists and how they translate to the nonprofit world. Making a career in the nonprofit sector.

Segment Three

South African Nonprofit Safari and Accelerating Fundraising. Nonprofit fundraising is more than grant-writing – it’s about asking questions! How are nonprofits in South Africa different than the States?

Segment Four

Lions in the road! Myths about fundraising and nonprofits.

Segment Five

Using technology to share information and teach nonprofit fundraising!

Segment Six

Connecting with people all over the world. Social entrepreneurs and the nonprofit world.

Segment Seven

Myths and misassumptions about proposal writing. Conrad offers a personal example of how asking questions of potential donors can transform you and your supporters!

Segment Eight

Coaching for fundraisers??? Does it work like a sports coach?

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