Break out the party hats we’re celebrating at Mosaic Non-Profit Development. We’ve got great news to share with you! Our highly sought after Ask Masters series is launching online! This means the same, proven Ask Masters methods, strategies, processes and skills needed to raise big money for nonprofits is now accessible in an online, virtual environment.

Mosaic’s Ask Masters online series is different from other fundraising training because it is a comprehensive system of proven techniques not just a collection of individual fundraising topics. Ask Masters distills years of fundraising practice – and millions of dollars raised – into a convenient, easy-to-use, and fun-to-implement process … a fundraising process that has helped organizations and people all over the world get the resources they need to make changes in their communities.  A process that is designed to save time and frustration by eliminating trial and error and put effective fundraising methods in place.

Why put Ask Masters online?

We at Mosaic are passionate about helping you build sustainable change.

We believe in going beyond providing a solution to today’s need.

Which is why we’ve put our passion into developing Ask Masters online.  We’ve seen what happens when a person, a group, a cause is empowered with the ability to build their resources… reliably. We’ve seen the changes they make, the impact they have, and the lives they’ve shaped. And we want to help make it possible all over the world. Offering Ask Masters in an interactive online series is one step towards making this vision real.

The online experience of Ask Masters provides a safe, secure platform that is accessed from the convenience of your home, office, tablet or smartphone to build the skills needed to raise significant money and inspire others to join the process. Access to Ask Masters skill building chapters, worksheets, forms and special invitations to fundraising coaching sessions are delivered at regular intervals directly to your inbox.

So, pause, rewind, revisit and reengage in Ask Masters online any time.

Nothing Else Like Ask Masters

Ask Masters incorporates principles and processes that enable nonprofit supporters to produce significant fundraising results. Including how to:

  • Find new sources of funding, quickly
  • Connect to donors who can transform your cause
  • Tell your cause’s story to motivate supporters and encourage new donations
  • Create a fail-proof fundraising strategy plan
  • Learn from others with “boots on the ground” fundraising experience

After using the Ask Masters fundraising system, people have taken new leadership positions within causes and in their communities. They’ve increased fundraising results by hundreds of percent, found significant new funding to start new programs, built or renovated buildings. They’ve met amazing, influential philanthropists engaging them with their efforts, and achieved many other remarkable results. These folks received the priceless feeling of fulfillment because they’ve chosen to make a significant difference for others.

It’s not a party without gifts! Come celebrate with us and join our Special Fundraising Accelerator Course … our gift to you.

We’re celebrating Ask Masters coming online with a free Ask Masters mini course. We’re so excited to share the “secrets” of fundraising that we packaged some of them up into a nifty little collection and want to share them with you! Sign up for your free Ask Masters Fundraising Accelerator course. Try it out. See what you think.

Goodbye to Fundraising Anxiety …

What would you do if you knew you could finally hit your fundraising goals time and time again? What if you never had to just hope the money for your cause would come in? What would happen if what you felt passionate about doing was now possible because you have a system built to provide sustainable, ongoing, reliable and predictable funding?

We invite you to come along with us in Ask Masters and find out!

Click here to see what
Ask Masters is all about!

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