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Nonprofit Board Members

You are not alone. Our tools and programs will help you immediately contribute to building a sustainable organization.

We've Raised Over $100MM

Nonprofit board members can count on Mosaic’s proven expertise and leadership to achieve incredible fundraising results for the organization.

Scalable Guidance

We focus on delivering actionable guidance that is easily scaled and sustained throughout your entire nonprofit organization.

Get Results Fast

We know you need to generate impact fast. Our sustainable fundraising programs do exactly that. We work with you each step of the way.

Proven Results

Our principals have over 50 years of combined nonprofit sector experience leading organizations to major results and sustainable growth.

Why Mosaic?

Our principals have extensive experience in working with nonprofit board members. From collaborating on strategic fundraising development plans to working closely on campaign direction, we’ve helped organizations raise over $100MM. We understand the challenges your organization faces and how they affect you:

  • You’re passionate about your cause
  • With a huge desire to make a difference
  • Have limited fundraising experience
  • Want to make a big impact
  • Aren’t that comfortable with fundraising
  • Want to oversee and contribute effectively

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Our results driven tools and services are designed to achieve a high level of impact – fast. We’re engaged by nonprofit board members on a variety of levels and initiatives. One-to-one fundraising coaching, self-paced learning, or customized programs for your organization is how we help you exceed your goals.

We’ve worked closely with organizations big and small around the globe. Our solutions enable board members to be the catalyst for sustainable growth igniting a renewed focus on fundraising across the organization.

Nonprofit Board Members

Fundraising Coaching

Fundraising Coaching sessions are a great way to put some development fundamentals in place, establish new approaches, and to increase contributions to your organization.

Initial sessions are focused on identifying and selecting essential fundraising starting points, balancing the fundraising priorities, prioritizing potential donors, preparing together your agenda items and talking points for funding presentations. Your first 90 minute intensive session with a Certified Fundraising Executive is only $250, a small investment to generate big results.

Monthly, quarterly, and annual programs are available for your convenience.

Ask Masters Series

Whether you need to increase operating income, establish a fund raising effort, expand programs and services, or prepare for a campaign effort, Ask Masters provides the tools you need to find hidden opportunities to increase resources right now.

Filled with tips for development and fundraising planning, Ask Masters will inspire board members, motivate staff, and galvanize volunteers to reach for new heights in their fund raising efforts.

Ask Masters is available as our premier self-paced learning program in addition to custom on-site delivery for your organization

Nonprofit Board Members

Social Media?

Proven tools. Guaranteed results.

Nonprofit Board Members

Introductory Offer – Huge Savings

Major League Major Gifts

A focused approach to transforming your resources. Major League Major Gifts provides an in-depth examination of the motivations for making transformative gifts to your organization.

  • Go from meeting a potential supporter for the first time to stewarding their major gift
  • Be confident every time you talk about your cause and inspire others to support it
  • Eliminate the uncertainty in fundraising.
  • Practice proven techniques that have helped other over $1MM in less than 8 months
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