Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

Non profit Fundraising Ideas

Hey marketing professionals and nonprofit staff, you’ve got choices! The great news is they all work and many are free. We’ve put together a huge free nonprofit resource library for you plus a collection of powerful self-paced learning programs that will ignite your fundraising efforts like never before.

How Can We Help? It’s Simple. Focus.

Knowing the challenges that marketing and staff face is our job. We meet hundreds of nonprofit professionals every month and continuously gather feedback so we can keep our fingers on the pulse. It’s hard being able to coordinate all of your responsibilities – while aligning with other departments – ha! Well, we’re here to help. Our solutions are geared specifically to bring you the focus you need providing you with the right tools and information. Jam packed with nonprofit fundraising ideas and actionable insights to make a big impact fast:

  • Working in unison with other departments is always hard
  • Having enough time to manage responsibilities and fundraise isn’t always possible
  • Figuring out the right place to start isn’t easy
  • Being able to do your job well and enhance your career is important

See What Others Just Like You Have to Say

We’ve created a huge library of free nonprofit fundraising resources just for you. Our results driven tools and services are designed to achieve a high level of impact . They’re full of awesome non profit fundraising ideas too.

We’ve worked closely with organizations big and small around the globe. Our solutions enable marketing professionals and nonprofit staff to be the catalyst for sustainable growth in their organizations.

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Free webinar filled with non profit fundraising ideas

Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising with Social Media

When it comes to using social media and online tools to support your cause, different platforms require different approaches. Because social media is constantly changing, new configurations, new abilities, even new platforms coming on the scene, adapting your messages to the different media takes special attention.

This collection of fundraising with social media modules gives you all the down & dirty about what you can do with each platform or tool to see significant fundraising results.

Nonprofit Treasure Map

There’s hidden treasure just waiting for your cause… if only you knew where to look! Nonprofit Treasure Map gives you the ability to find your cause’s hidden clues that lead to increased donations.

Once you’ve drawn your Treasure Map your cause will be able to follow the path to prosperity. Now you’ve got your secret decoder ring to quickly tell whether a new clue will lead your cause to fundraising fortune or failure!

Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

Get Results

Put the Fun Back in Fundraising Now

Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas

Introductory Offer – Huge Savings

Accelerate your Online Fundraising with Facebook Foundation

With over 1.2 billion users, Facebook is a must for building your constituent base. This program covers the features and benefits of using the wide range of tools available on Facebook. Learn how to become a Facebook marketing pro for your nonprofit including: paid promotions vs. organic promotion, examples of successful fundraising, friendraising, volunteer building, and earned income generation.

  • Myths and legends vs. reality about Facebook and how it affects your fundraising results
  • Grow your supporter list – beyond “likes” into action-oriented advocates
  • Set specific strategies using Pages, Groups, Profiles, and ads that really work
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