We all like to feel in control and hate feeling controlled. Most of us have learned that it is disastrous to try to control other people. Free will is part of what makes us human. When we encounter the human Rock of Gibraltar — someone so stubborn they simply will not budge — it is the better part of valor to cut our losses and move on. It makes no sense to try to convince someone who simply refuses to accept your idea.

Traditional broadcast marketing is an act of pushing your idea — an attempt to persuade everyone. It demands a yes. Filtering is left to the development team. A good development team will listen and ask questions to see if there really is a fit. They are happy to hear no. It lets them move on to the next prospect. A poor fundraising or development team tries to convince and control — yes is their only answer. It’s something we’ve all experienced with dread.

So what does this have to do with social media? It means that you may never have to face The Rock again.

Social media enables believers to raise their hand, volunteer, and follow. Doubters and naysayers need not apply. Social media is social — an act of attraction. It is invitational. It asks who is interested? social media for nonprofitsIt asks who wants to participate? Everyone involved is exercising free will. It takes a very determined naysayer to stick it out and hang with a group that’s contrary. So, social media is a filter — it lets yes be yes and no be no.

Now imagine how broad your reach could be if you harnessed the powers of social media for fundraising! But how do you organize your approach? How can you get your story out on the channels you need to make a funding difference? These are questions we get asked all the time. Which is why we’re building a series of webinars specifically about fundraising with social media for nonprofits.

But we need your help to get our series on Social Media for Nonprofits right

social media for nonprofitsTake a moment and fill out our survey so we know what you’d like to dig into with fundraising with social media for nonprofits. At Mosaic we’re all about helping build sustainable change and we want to support your efforts to champion your favorite cause. Working with social media offers a great opportunity to do just that. When you fill out the survey you’ll be on the list to receive breaking news about social media fundraising first. We’re building a fundraising with social media for nonprofits series to put you in control of your social media marketing and move you into a new era where prospective donors come to you.

Nonprofits have significant experience in creating cooperation. Think of all the effort that is spent generating consensus, whether through how the board and management make strategic decisions or the recruitment and deployment of volunteers.  Just imagine how effective your fundraising and development team would be if you nurtured donors using the cooperative efforts of social media. Social media works for nonprofits. Cooperation always beats control.

Where will your social media take your fundraising?

social media for nonprofits

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