Fundraising is changing in so many ways: how much is being given, who is giving, who is raising funds, and HOW it is being raised. Over the last three years, we’ve seen some shifts taking place. Fundraising results are holding steady with slow growth, but online fundraising is rapidly expanding. And online fundraising is here to stay.

Whether you are raising money for an established organization with a long fundraising track record, or setting out to fundraise for the first time, what you do online will make a big difference. What’s happening with fundraising online is a game changer – and anyone can play!

A Collection of Webinars for You!

online nonprofit fundraising toolsWe’ve built a collection of online nonprofit fundraising tools to help you successfully navigate the wild world of online fundraising and increase the money you raise.

Whether you want to tweak your Twitter, polish your Pinterest, master Mobile, or get crackin’ with Crowdfunding, the Fundraising with Social Media series has everything you need to blow the roof off all your online fundraising results.

Fundraising with Social Media is an seven-installment series that is the‘go-to’ resource to increase donations and improve fundraising efforts… online!

A FREE module on Fundraising with Social Media? No way!

online nonprofit fundraising toolsNow here’s the special part. Social media moves fast. The end of the year is quickly approaching. So to get you on the online trail to increased funds right now, we’re inviting you to check out one of the Fundraising with Social Media modules for free.

In this session of Fundraising with Social Media, you’ll get the inside scoop on the one simple structure that will:

  • Hone your cause’s fundraising messages to inspire people to support
  • Make your cause stand out from the crowd
  • And increase your fundraising results across ALL your social media sites.

It’s by invitation only, though. So if you’re looking for an extra push for your end of year fundraising right now or if you want to beat the crowds and be off to the races with fantastic fundraising for 2013 you’ll want to catch this session.

To get your invitation to this free session from the Fundraising with Social Media series sign up here.

online nonprofit fundraising tools

We’re only offering this session for a very short time. Kind of an early-bird look at what’s coming up in online fundraising.

Plus.. A Collection of Fundraising with Social Media References.

online nonprofit fundraising tools

Along with the invitation to the session, we’ll also send you a collection of fundraising with social media references. Filled with tips and resources, it’s the fastest way to get valuable online fundraising strategies and information without all the weeding through search results.

We’ll be closing Fundraising with Social Media soon and once it’s gone, well – it’s GONE. So don’t miss this opportunity to kickstart your online fundraising now. Fundraising with Social Media will open later next year at its full price, so if you’re thinking about getting your online fundraising results kicked up, now’s the time to check it out.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in our special session, and wishing you all the best for your online fundraising!

Click here for the free session from the Fundraising with Social Media series.

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