One of the things I enjoy the most is conducting nonprofit fundraising strategy sessions. I spend about an hour with an individual learning about their cause and how they are fundraising with the purpose of recommending some strategies that they can implement immediately to see significant improvements in their fundraising results. It’s fantastic to find out about different causes and get to know the dedicated people who are making things happen.

There’s so much about fundraising that is a long-term investment; a deliberate and disciplined approach to building great results, that I love to be able to share and experience myself a little instant gratification. And I’m absolutely thrilled when I hear about the results people get when they put their new strategies into action. This is about my most favorite thing. I enjoy it so much I conducted fifty-seven strategy sessions last year.

Here’s what Paul and Shelley had to say about their nonprofit fundraising strategy sessions:

nonprofit fundraising strategy

Many thanks to you for taking the time to share such valuable information. We are so excited to be putting those tips into practice.

In fact in a meeting to find sponsorship for a project on Early Childhood Development, we met with a potential funder and we applied one of the Ask Masters principles. It so happens that ECD is exactly the type of project they are passionate about and have agreed to support us for the rest of the year and for future projects in this realm!

Fantastic outcome. The challenge now is donor retention! We are so excited about putting more tips into practice too. These are fantastic tools to have. – Shelley Belohrad, Gone Rural boMake

When we met Heidi last year the Hands of Honour was but a grassroots non-profit organization operating from a sub-economic house which served as both an office and a sanctuary for those making the transition from homelessness/hopelessness to self-sufficiency. Since meeting her and taking part in one of her powerful strategy sessions we have been nominated:


  • Winners – UnLTD SA Award
  • Finalist – Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award
  • Finalist – Social Enterprise Competition – Dept. Econ. Devlpmt.
  • Youth Shortlisted – Amy Biehl Youth Spirit Award


All this since meeting Heidi and not only listening, but also DOING what she advises. I’m so glad we took her advice about reaching out to the City Fathers. Now local government has also given us a fully functional office as well. With Heidi we went from zeros to heroes… in one year!!!! – Paul Talliard, Hands of Honour

nonprofit fundraising strategy


Now these sessions are intense. It’s a lot to take in, and a lot to take on in one short hour. Maybe you’ve had a similar experience where you furiously scribble notes and ideas to the point where your hand cramps and your brain freezes. It’s fabulous information but wow! It can be a little overwhelming. One person who had a strategy session last year shared that it was such great information and so much to absorb that she had to take a 3 hour nap right afterward to let it sink in.

So we put our heads together at Mosaic to figure out how to lighten the load and reduce the feeling of overwhelm. And I’m excited to share that we are opening up the Master’s Circle for fundraisers.

What is the Master’s Circle?

The Master’s Circle is a monthly online nonprofit fundraising strategy discussion where you can connect with, learn from, and share ideas with some of the most innovative fundraisers and nonprofits on the planet.  Each month, we’ll answer your questions and cover the topics you suggest we dive into such as:


  • building campaigns
  • successful online fundraising strategies
  • marketing your fundraising programs
  • building and growing your base of supporters
  • asking techniques
  • using social media for fundraising
  • writing great fundraising letters
  • building killer proposals


It’s direct access to solutions and advice on ANY fundraising challenge you’re facing right now… or might encounter in the future.

So whether you are just starting out or have been fundraising for years, we want to help you reach that next level without the overwhelm.

The Master’s Circle sessions for fundraisers will start in February and take place every month. We’d love to have you join us!

nonprofit fundraising strategy

By the way, we’ll be offering strategy sessions later in the year for those in the Master’s Circle. Be sure to sign up now and you’ll be in the queue for an experience like Paul and Shelley.

Hope to see you in the Master’s Circle!

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