During the course of a day, I often field questions from people about fundraising and social media. Which is not surprising, given that today’s world requires nonprofits to keep supporters engaged and abreast of what is happening with your cause.

Social media is a great tool! But what I hear most about are people’s frustrations in finding time to fit in yet another message and learn another social media platform. I’m asked

How do I know if I am effectively communicating my cause’s mission?

What can I do to grow our community of supporters?

How should I motivate people to take action on behalf of my cause?

And by the way, which platforms are a good match for my cause, anyway?

My favorite, though, is the plaintive cry of “Arrrgh!  What actually WORKS and won’t waste my time???

So this got us to thinking. At Mosaic, we’re considering building a collection of social media webinar modules to help you cut through the clutter and really get some fundraising traction using social media. And now we have some questions for you!fundraising with social media

Would you be interested in an online fundraising with social media series?

What platforms would be helpful to include?

Are you interested in how to use crowdfunding as a part of your fundraising strategy?

Your feedback will help us select the platforms you want and to focus the modules to get you the information you need to get great social media fundraising results. Let us know what you think!

fundraising with social media

Click here to fill out a short survey

We love to hear from you! You can leave a comment below to share your thoughts. Send me an email to let us know what special areas you’d like us to explore for the series. Sign up here to get updates about our webinars. However you want to let us know what’s on your mind, we’re listening. We’ll make sure to keep you in the know about the upcoming webinars, the cool things you’ve shared with us that will be included, and the timeline for release. (I know! I know! With the holidays, “soon” isn’t soon enough!) We’re on it!

It’s a big, wide, virtual world with limitless possibilities. How will you change the real world with virtual social media tools?

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Very timely info! Everyone wants to expand their reach but at the same time not waste their time. Looking forward to hearing about your findings!

Hanna Cooper
Hanna Cooper

This is great Heidi! Being able to cut through what does and doesn't work in social media to leverage the opportunity would be hugely helpful!

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