The Cows-Social Media Strategies

nline fundraising is a great way to raise money for your cause. The best way to do that is to enlist the people you know to join your cause and lead a fundraising team. Use your online network to work for you. Each person you know has friends that you don’t know. Social media lets you connect with them. Teams let people join with friends in a common cause. They get to have fun together and raise money for you at the same time. It’s the coveted win/win situation. So let’s get to it! Here are 3 great social media strategies for online fundraising.

1. Take It To Your Team

Use your peer-to-peer fundraising platform, such as GivenGain,  FirstGiving, or Kimbia, as a home base for your campaign. Then reach out to team members on the social media platform(s) that they use every day. If they use Twitter, setting up an elaborate Facebook tab is a waste of time and resources. If your team members are active Linkedin users, go to Linkedin. (Pro Tip: Linkedin is currently a hot social media platform and it’s underutilized. That makes it easy to get your message seen there.)

Pro Tip: Linkedin is currently a hot social media platform and it’s underutilized. That makes it easy to get your message seen there.

2. Keep It Social

Social media is social. Don’t pick up your bullhorn on social media platforms to broadcast about your cause. Broadcast messages are advertising. Social media works great for peer-to-peer fundraising because it is a peer-to-peer media. That means one person talking to another. Keep your interactions conversational. Make it personal. Have fun and stay loose. Be the person at your organization that everyone wants to know.

3. It’s All About Them

During a campaign is the time to energize the team. Keep your messages team focused — Team First, Cause Second. Celebrate the team and its accomplishments. Call out the team by name. Congratulate and encourage the team members by name. Ask open ended questions to encourage conversations. Celebrate the team and team members’ progress along the way. Then you can let them know how much good they are doing for the cause. Show them the benefits they are creating. But above all, have fun!

Keep it simple. That’s the best way to execute social media strategies for online fundraising. Make use of the tools at hand to meet volunteer fundraisers where they are. Celebrate them. Encourage them. Congratulate them. Show the world the good that your teams are doing for your cause.

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