Easy Fundraising Ideas Galore

Need help getting started? Use our easy fundraising ideas and move fast. We’ve got an all-you-can-eat buffet of amazing nonprofit fundraising tools for you to enjoy.

easy fundraising ideas

Why Mosaic?

Our Certified Fundraising Executives have raised more than $100 Million for causes worldwide. We’ve worked with organizations big and small to accelerate their fundraising initiatives.

Your passion is ours and we know that Volunteers are the heart and sole of every cause. We’ve helped 1000’s of Volunteers become more effective fundraisers enabling a bigger impact to their cause. Check out the loads of easy fundraising ideas we’ve developed just for you!

Hate to Fundraise? You’re Not Alone

In fact, most people list fundraising or asking for money as one of their top three fears in life. Not to worry! We’ve developed a unique and highly effective program to help you overcome fundraising anxiety. Join us for a one hour live webinar with our principal Heidi Hancock, CFRE and disover three key secrets to become wildly successful!

To show you just how much we care, here’s a special promo code for you to join us free, it’s a $99 Value. “JDMMF14”

Thinking of Social Media?

We’ve developed a wealth of tools to get you started with online fundraising. And yes, there’s loads of free ones for you!

The 10 Step Guide to Developing a Social Media Plan is a must read if you’re thinking about getting your cause started on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

This step by step and action-packed guide will help you get up and running in no-time. Oh yes, did we mention it’s free?

easy fundraising ideas
easy fundraising ideas

Online Fundraising You Say?

Go “behind the screen” to see the strategies and techniques that set the stage for successful online campaigns.

This live online webinar Get Going With Online Fundraising is a perfect way to start and is filled with easy fundraising ideas. As always, we show nonprofit volunteers the love they deserve.

Here’s a promo code for you to attend free – a $129 Value. “GGWOF14”

Ready for More?

Invest in your Online Fundraising future.

easy fundraising ideas

Mosaic’s Fundraising Accelerator

The Fundraising Accelerator is a free 4-part course to help you raise more money and have fun doing it that is delivered conveniently to your inbox.

Jam packed with easy fundraising ideas so that you learn where the money is for nonprofits and three simple steps you can use to find the most money for your cause.

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