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The Masters Circle is a monthly online fundraising discussion session where you can connect with, learn from, and share ideas with some of the most innovative fundraisers and nonprofits on the planet.  Each month we answer your questions and cover the topics you suggest.


The Best Online Fundraising Tools

Author: Heidi Hancock

Nonprofit Fundraising Online

In this session we cover:
• The best online tools and platforms for different fundraising situations
• Tools and techniques you will use to build and increase the results of your online campaigns
• Grabbing attention; how to integrate social and mobile to drive traffic

We answer questions about:
• How to find and connect with international donors to support your cause
• Ways to multiply the effect of your fundraising efforts as a one-person-shop

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Build a Killer Development Plan

Author: Heidi Hancock

Killer Development Plan

In this session we cover:
* How to find the best fundraising opportunities for your cause – and ignore the rest
* The five never-fail steps to keep your cause on track towards the goals
* Getting across the board engagement in fundraising – activate the troops!

We answer questions about:
* How to handle fundraising suggestions when you are short on implementation help
* Where to find additional funding if you have inherited an “incremental increase” plan
* Motivating a great volunteer fundraising team
* What sections to include in your development plan

Art of the Ask

Author: Heidi Hancock

Art of the Ask

In this session we cover:
* Set the Asking Stage – what to do ahead of time so that your the ask is natural, and EASY
* Sculpting the Ask – how to bring your prospect to the point of the ask so they are eager to participate
* The Big Moment – what to say and when to say it
* Denouement – a beautiful closing

Igniting Belief: Cross-Channel Case Marketing

Author: Heidi Hancock

With this session you will:
* Understand the different “languages” – effectively spread your message across all marketing and fund development channels
* Get the road map that paves the way for the entire organization to effectively support fund development
* Learn how to build a powerful and effective marketing and fundraising process-oriented team.

Building a Fabulous Fundraising Team

Author: Heidi Hancock

Fundraising Team

This session covers:
* Picking the Right Players – What are the different fundraising roles and who do you need on your team?
* Finding and Keeping – How to attract your top team mates and keep them happily fundraising
* Non-fundraisers are teammates too! Painlessly engaging others in your fundraising

Cause Marketing: Get the Right Fit for Profitable Partnerships

Author: Heidi Hancock

Cause Marketing - Get the Right Fit for Profitable Partnerships

In this session we cover:
* Choosing the Right Partner – How to find corporations that will take an active interest in promoting your organization and your cause
* Creating an Equitable Relationship – How to structure a relationship with a for profit business partner so that you both get what you need and neither feels cheated
* Weighing the Risks and Rewards – What to consider when looking at the potential benefits and possible pitfalls of getting married to a corporate sponsor

Go Social! Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Author: Heidi Hancock

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

In this session we cover:
* Building a Fundraising Army – Ways to recruit and engage people to get excited about fundraising for your cause
* Make Fundraising Fun – Gamification techniques you can use to inspire and motivate people to reach for big fundraising goals
* Successful Peer-to-Peer Campaigns – From conception, through execution, to money in the bank, the steps you need to make a peer-to-peer campaign rock

The Fundraising Superhero – Managing Time and Priorities

Author: Heidi Hancock

Managing Time and Priorities

In this session we cover:
* Successful Personal and Project Time Management Techniques – ways to get it all done in the timeframe you have available
* Fundraising Goals and Priorities – Setting and prioritizing achievable individual and organizational fundraising goals
* Effective Fundraising Office Management – Managing your teams, systems and fundraising operations

Get Intimate! Personalized Direct Marketing for Fundraising

Author: Heidi Hancock

Direct Marketing for Fundraising

In this session we cover:
* How to really be personal with a lot of donors – Messages that resonate with donors and let them know how much you care about each individual
* Miracles in technology – How to use the available direct marketing tools to their best advantage. What to do and what to avoid in making technology your best friend
* Including social media in your direct marketing – How to expand your reach and the number of touches you can have with donors while making them love you even more than they do now

Fabulous Fundraising Events

Author: Heidi HancockComplexity: Easy

Fabulous Fundraising Events

In this session we cover:
* Events that stand out from the rest: Traditional and non-traditional approaches
* Events team management and motivation
* Creating the experience: It’s all in the details – and boy are there details

Grant Me a Grant! Effective Proposals

Author: Heidi HancockComplexity: Standard

Grant Me a Grant

In this session we cover:
* Effective Proposals: Get funded on nearly every submission
* Never Fail Proposals – How to structure your submission for maximum funding
* Grant Management Systems for Sanity – Keep on top of a bajillion funders without getting buried

Kickin’ Capital Campaigns

Author: Heidi HancockComplexity: Easy

Kickin Capital Campaigns

In this session we cover:
* Setting your capital campaign up for success: what you need to do before you begin a campaign.
* And… liftoff! What goes into a campaign launch and how to create serial launches to reach your goals.
* Campaign celebrations and continuations: When to end a campaign and positioning for future fundraising.

Planned Giving Communications

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: Heidi HancockComplexity: Easy

Planned Giving Communications

In this session we cover:
* How to engage with your supporters without giving the impression that you are looking forward to their demise.
* Simple and effective ways to start or enhance a planned giving program by keeping the direct and immediate benefit to your supporter front and center.
* Executing your planned giving programs… without feeling like an executioner! Simple and cost effective ways to get the word out and honor your planned givers.

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