Fundraising With Social Media Series

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When it comes to using social media and online tools to support your cause, different platforms require different approaches. Because social media is constantly changing, new configurations, new abilities, even new platforms coming on the scene, adapting your messages to the different media takes special attention.


Crowdfunding Mastery

Length: 76 minutesAuthor: David SvetComplexity: Standard

With Crowdfunding Mastery, you will:

  • Position your online campaign for the biggest fundraising results – from the start.
  • Structure your campaign to inspire maximumsharing and support
  • Integrate your online campaigns with all>your fundraising activities – both on and off line!

Facebook Foundation

Length: 31 minutesAuthor: David SvetComplexity: Easy

With Facebook Foundation, you will:

  • Get the inside scoop on the myths and legends versus reality about Facebook and how it affects your fundraising results.
  • Grow your supporter list – beyond “likes” into action-oriented advocates.
  • Set specific strategies using Pages, Groups, Profiles, and ads that really work with your fundraising communications.

LinkedIn For Development

Length: 40 minutesAuthor: David SvetComplexity: Easy

With LinkedIn for Development, you will:

  • Find out  how to gain access to high net worth donors using LinkedIn.
  • Know how to position your fundraising efforts on LinkedIn for success.
  • Discover powerful techniques using LinkedIn to nurture donors!

Mobile Marketing Unmasked

Length: 43 minutesAuthor: David SvetComplexity: Easy

With Mobile Marketing Unmasked, you will:

  • Select the right kind of mobile apps that deliver real fundraising results for your cause.
  • Create a community that demands to support your cause!
  • Connect with your supporters… no matter where they are and make it easy to give.

Online Storytelling

Length: 43 minutesAuthor: David SvetComplexity: Standard

online storytelling

Online Storytelling is the foundation of the Fundraising with Social Media series. It covers the fundamental forms and structures for effectively telling your organization’s story in a compelling manner in any media. With multiple examples of stories told by large and small organizations, this module will help you hone your cause’s story, stand out from the crowd, and increase your fundraising results across all your social sites.

The Power Of Pinterest

Length: 65 minutesAuthor: David SvetComplexity: Easy

With The Power of Pinterest, you will:

  • Increase your fundraising results… using pictures!
  • Drive traffic to your event, donations, and sales pages using images.
  • Get creative tactics to combine personal Pinterest pages with your cause’s page for exponential results.

Your Twitter Community

Length: 38 minutesAuthor: David SvetComplexity: Easy

With Your Twitter Community, you will:

  • Grow your community of supporters exponentiallyusing the fastest tool available.
  • Use Twitter to develop real relationships with advocates and supporters… that you can depend on!
  • Enhance your existing online fundraising efforts with specific strategic Twitter techniques.
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