We’re back in an area with a consistent connection. Here are a few more insights behind the scenes and curiosities from the Professional Fundraiser’s Nonprofit Safari.

11. When surfing or kiting, kelp gives off a brown reflection underwater. Sharks reflect grey. Stay away from grey!

Nonprofit Safari

12. To be polite you accept payment with two hands cupped together. This shows gratitude – and that your other hand does not carry a knife.

13. When offering papers, receipts or payment, it is polite to place your left hand against the right side of your ribcage and your right hand offers palm up. Again, this shows that you carry no weapon in your other hand and that all is “above board.”

Nonprofit Safari

14. Learn the African handshake – grasp palms together, shift to grasping thumbs, shift back to palms together. Quick quick!

15. Potholes, cows, and hairpin turns in mountain passes make for hair-raising driving. Especially when they combine at 80km.

Nonprofit Safari

16. Hippos sound like bullfrogs. A family of hippos sounds like a chorus – from basso profundo to soprano.

Nonprofit Safari

17. Cheetahs chirp. They also purr. The purr is very deep. That cricket you think you’re hearing at night – might be a cheetah.

18. Don’t look for Mr. Roboto when given directions to turn left at the third robot. Watch for traffic lights!

Nonprofit Safari

19. Learn “Africa Time.” Know the difference between “Just now” and “Now now.” It’s important!

Nonprofit Safari

20. Say “Thank you.” South Africa has eleven official languages. Saying “Thank you” is an important part of philanthropy! Here’s a guide to saying thank you in six of the eleven languages of South Africa:

  • Ndebele = “Ngiyabonga kakulu.”
  • Tswana = “Kealeboga.”
  • Zulu = “Ngiyabonga.”
  • Xhosa = “Enkosi.”
  • Afrikaans = “Baie dankie.”
  • English = “Thank you!”

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