The need and the demand for charitable services is a constant, wherever you are. Whether you are creating community through the arts and education, fighting the ravages of AIDS, assisting the elderly, serving the deaf, providing special care for newborns with life-threatening conditions or protecting the environment, the names may change, but the issues do not.

In the States, we have a healthy, well-developed nonprofit sector and sophisticated approaches to philanthropy. If you look around you’ll see that philanthropy and nonprofit work is a part of our everyday lives. You hear it on the radio, you see it at work in places of worship, our celebrities promote it on TV. You are touched everyday and might not even know it!

What some people don’t realize is that in developing countries there are local nonprofits on the ground providing critical services to people that need it most.

In South Africa, nonprofits have relied on the government for significant amounts of funding for many years. Today, the landscape has shifted and fundraising has become essential. Unlike the Red Cross or Unicef these local organizations don’t have the resources, training and connections that many nonprofit professionals in the U.S. have – yet they are giving their hearts and souls to change the world for the better every day.

As Mosaic Non-Profit Development’s Principal, I will be spending two months in South Africa working with several organizations to help them accelerate their resource development. I will be sharing many of the principles from our Ask Masters programs to help optimize the time spent seeking resources.

This will include…

  • Finding new sources of funding, quickly!
  • Connecting to donors who can transform your cause
  • Telling your cause’s story to motivate supporters and encourage new donations
  • Creating a fail-proof fundraising strategy plan

Over the course of the trip I will be posting updates on the blog and lots of updates on Twitter and Facebook. I invite you to connect and come along for the ride!

We at Mosaic are passionate about helping nonprofits create sustainable change.

We believe in going beyond providing a solution to today’s need. It all goes back to that old adage about fishes and dinner… I’m excited about teaching some amazing folks to fish. I know they will reel in a boat load of good – not only today, but for a long time after.

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Jonathan Munyany
Jonathan Munyany

This cause of training is really worth for developing nations. It pulls up and opens powerer communities to needed assistance. I hope,Heidi,that after South Africa you bring the same project to Kenya. We are really in great need of your services here in Kenya.

Heidi Hancock
Heidi Hancock

Hi Jonathan! I was truly blessed to be able to help people on their missions to change their communities. I hope to continue the Nonprofit Safari in the future and would look forward to visiting in Kenya.

Haider Shah
Haider Shah

It really a nice attempt and be appreciated as a meaning full effort. How such efforts could be launched in other areas in world where marginalized community is still waiting some one to help to relive their worries

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