Welcome to a new year! 2013 is full of promise and fundraising for nonprofits is changing. Do you and your cause have big goals this year? Is this the year that fundraising is going to make all the difference? Sometimes when you’re facing the beginning, tackling expanding your fundraising can be, well, kinda overwhelming. Now I’m no shrinking violet. I’ve done my time in the lion’s den and wrestled plenty of fundraising alligators. And I know that there’s nothing like contemplating the great fundraising unknown to raise the adrenaline and cause you to question whether you have what it takes.  Fundraising for NonprofitsImagine knowing with certainty that your cause is going to suffer a 30% reduction in operating income in the coming year and there is nothing that can be done to change that fact. Can it grow enough new contributions to support its community members and employees? Will the organization even survive?

Picture yourself with a group of dedicated volunteers who have been valiantly working toward getting a much needed community project off the ground for 6 years. Neither you nor your fellow volunteers have the resources needed to launch the project, nor any experience in fundraising. You’ve had events, you’ve approached churches, done everything you could think of yet you’re out of money. If you don’t raise funds into the millions this year your project will publicly fail. Your community will suffer and your volunteer group will disband. And on top of it, the economy is a disaster.

A cause worth fighting for

Scary, eh? Most people fade into the background when faced with something like this. Do you have a fundraising challenge that’s a little bit scary? Will you herald the clarion call to “run away! Run away!!?” No!

You are an intrepid person. You have a steely eye for possibility. You have a cause worth fighting for. You are about to step into the great unknown and launch the fundraising adventure of a lifetime.

Fundraising for Nonprofits

You will vanquish the fear-inspiring monster of a goal. You will slay the dragon of doomsayers with the bright sword of fundraising ingenuity. You will cut a new path where one doesn’t exist! This year you will saddle up, gather the fundraising posse and Save the World! In the lasting words of Happy Gilmore, “You can Doooo Eeeet!” So the cause awaiting the loss of revenue… well, the loss exceeded the projection.  It was worse than planned for. But you know what? We not only survived, but came back swinging with a new major gift program that saw the first four $1 million donors join the cause. Then on top of that we launched a quiet campaign and raised $5.2 million in 6 weeks. Today, the organization is back on solid ground, debt-free and growing. That group of volunteers with the desperately needed community project? Yep, they screwed their courage to the sticking point and you know what? Together we raised more than $1.2 million in 8 months. They opened the doors on the new project a year later.

So, what’s in store for you this year?

Will you launch a campaign? Hold a new event? Build a building? Chair a committee? Develop new supporters in other parts of the world? Are you launching a new program? Adding a new feature to your campaigns? What does your Fundraising Adventure entail? Fundraising for Nonprofits We’re gathering Fundraising Adventure stories to share and inspire. Let us know what your fundraising adventure is this year in the comment box below. We’ll be featuring your stories throughout the year, cheering you on, and supporting you as you inspire others to make a big difference with fundraising. At Mosaic, this year is going to be filled with adventures in fundraising for nonprofits! I can’t spill the beans yet, but there’s quite a bit in store in the fundraising adventure department whether close-to-home or across the far-flung corners of the world. So grab your fedora, strap on your machete, and come with me. It’s time to head ‘em up and move ‘em out. I’ve got the bullwhip slung across my shoulder and we’re off on a Fundraising Adventure! Bring on fundraising’s biggest spiders, scariest snakes or run away boulders, I’ve got your back!

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Stepping into the Unknown