We at Mosaic have been hard at work preparing for a big launch with our Ask Masters webinar programs.  One of the Ask Masters series that I’m really looking forward to sharing is named the “Nonprofit Treasure Map.” The session titles include “X Marks the Spot,” “Digging for Diamonds,” “Find the Right Path,” and it’s all about finding hidden nonprofit fundraising opportunities for your cause that you probably didn’t even know were there.

So when I got the call from the fabulous developers at Aericon, who have been working night and day to expand Mosaic’s webinar delivery capabilities, I knew something was up.

“The website is down. They think it’s been hacked.”

What??!?!? I am shocked! We are so close to completing the new Ask Masters programs! All that work!  Nooooooo! What in the world could hackers be interested in at our little corner of the digital world? Searching for solace, I asked Sam this question. He shrugged his shoulders and quipped, “Nonprofit Treasure Map?

nonprofit fundraisingSuddenly, my head was filled with visions of Internet Pirates sailing in search of virtual plunder. Sneaking aboard the mighty and true vessel MosaicNPD.com, they overwhelmed the captains of development and mutinously steered the ship off course. They need time to find the Nonprofit Treasure Map! Surely it’s the virtual key to unlock untold amounts of booty!

Will the pirates be able to follow the map through the murky shoals of donor development? Would they find the strength to resist the siren-song of popular but not profitable fundraising activities? Can the brigands find the mythic “X” that marks the largest source of nonprofit funding? Without the secret Ask Masters decoder, maybe the mutineers won’t be able to figure out the clues. Oh dear! What if they decide that if they can’t have it, no one will and sink the ship?

The hearty crew at Aericon launches a heroic counter attack! They wrest the wheel from the hacker pirates clutches and turn the ship! nonprofit fundraisingBravado abounds as they slash their way through alien code, throwing it overboard by the bushel! We watch with satisfaction as the last vestiges of our encounter with Internet Pirates slowly sinks beneath the surf. A timely rescue! Almost all of the Ask Masters system is intact and the damage to the valiant vessel MosiacNPD.com is minimal. They set to work plugging the holes in the hull.

With the hack thrown overboard, the decks newly scrubbed, the ship is back on course.

The Nonprofit Treasure Map is once again safe, waiting to be shared with you.

We’ve got a new security team to help fend off any future pirate attacks.  We’re getting close to unveiling! You can sign up here to receive notice of our launches and special offers for our upcoming webinars including Nonprofit Treasure Map!

Now, I have some rum to distribute to the swashbuckling scallywags at Aericon. We’ve some big announcements to make and some exciting events coming up.  I can’t wait! But just to be safe, I think I’ll don my sash and grab my cutlass. I’ll be the one standing at MosaicNPD.com’s prow keeping a steely eye out.  Hmmm… Now, where did I put my eye patch?  Arrrrgh!

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